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Launched in 1986, Trends in Biomaterials & Artificial Organs (TIBAO) is an international journal published by the Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs, India (a member of IUSBSE). TIBAO is a peer-reviewed open access journal which focuses on research representing the progress in the areas of Biomaterials, Artificial Organs, Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Medical Devices, Dental Materials and Bionanotechnology. There are no article processing charges. TIBAO publishes four issues per year/volume (1st of January, April, July and October).
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Vol. 35 No. 1 (2021)

Published: Mar 15, 2021

Glutaraldehyde Crosslinked Bovine Pericardium with and without Ultrasound Therapy for Reconstruction of Abdominal Wall Defects in Rabbits

1-9 Naveen Kumar

Kinetic Release Study of Arjuna Terminalia filled Poly Lactic-co-Glycolic Acid (PLGA) Nanoparticles.

10-14 Vinod Kumari, Aditi Sangal, Rajeev Mehta

Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Hot Isostatistically Pressed a+b Ti Alloys (Ti-6Al-xNb) for Biomedical Applications

15-19 Fahima Guerrab, Fellah Mamoun, Naouel Hezil, Mechachti Said, Alex Montagne, Alain Ios, Akram Elhussein

Evaluation of Acellular Pericardium and Fibroblast Seeded Acellular Pericardium for the Repair of Full Thickness Skin Defects in Rats

20-29 D.T. Kaarthick, Ashok Kumar Sharma, Naveen Kumar

Selective Delivery of Antibiotics and Protein by Eggshell Derived Apatitic Nanocarriers

30-35 T.S. Sampath Kumar, Madhumathi Kalidoss

Precision Medicine by Combining Diagnosis with Prophylaxis Towards “Prophynostics”: Controlled Delivery of Nicotine Using a Device Platform for Treating Epilepsy

36-43 Aishwari S. Kumar, Thomas Kuruvilla , S.G. Kavya, Abdul Rasheed, Juna Konikkara, Renju Radhakrishnan, Kaladhar Kamalasanan

Tribological Behavior of Polyethylene and Ceramic Biomaterials Under Different Bio-lubricants

44-47 S. Shankar, R. Nithya Prakash*, B.R. Santhosh, T. Karthik Kumar, P. Kiruba, K. Mohan Srinivas

Evaluation of Bacosides and Lauric acid Nanoformulations in Regulation of Neuronal and Epigenetic Markers in Primary Culture of Mouse Cortical Neurons: A Comparative Study to Rivastigmine, a Synthetic Analog

48-56 Kritika Goyal, Ashish Kumar, Sakshi Sharma, Arpita Konar, Veena Koul

Optimization of Protocols for Decellularization of Buffalo Rumen Matrix

57-64 Ajit Kumar Singh, Naveen Kumar, A.K. Gangwar, Sameer Shrivastava, Sonal Saxena, S.K. Maiti, P.D.S. Raghuvansi, Dayamon D. Mathews, K.P. Singh

Phytochemical, Antimicrobial and Spectroscopic Analysis of Various Extracts of Coleus barbatus

65-69 M. Amin Mir, Muhammad Waqar Ashraf, Bilal Ahmad Mir

Zirconia Toughened BCP Bioceramic Material for the Fabrication of Small Diameter Blood Vessels for Cardiovascular Applications

70-75 A. Marimuthu, M. Logesh, Anbalagan Balamurugan

SARS-CoV-2 Causing COVID-19: A Comprehensive Clinical Overview

76-90 Jaivardhan A. Menon, Nevin T. Abraham, Rinta Paul, Dipin S, Suresh Padmini, Ramapurath S. Jayasree

Review of Superelastic Archwires in Orthodontics

91-94 Neetha Pious, V.K. Ravindranath, Vivek Patni, Amol Mhatre

Application of 3D Printing Technology in Development of Biomedical Implants: A Review

95-103 Gurmohan Singh, Abhineet Saini

Fullerene C70: A Promising Carbon Cage for Biomedical Applications

104-107 J. Ashtami, S.S. Athira, P.V. Mohanan

Open Innovation and IP Management in Medical Devices: A Review on Scope, Drivers and Barriers

108-112 Rajkrishna Raj, A.B. Bhasi
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