COVID-19 Special IssueS1

Mankind is going through an unprecedented phase of health disaster posed by the new corona virus pandemic. Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs India (SBAOI) express deep anguish towards the loss of lives, disruption of social life and the imminent economic crisis in the global scenario due to COVID-19. The whole world is looking optimistically at the scientific fraternity for the possible solutions to handle the grave situation. A lot of institutes and research groups worldwide have entered into intensive research on the management and control of COVID-19, despite the limitations of the crisis situation. Most of the research labs in the area of biomaterials and devices have entered in supporting research activities and are coming up with remarkable innovations.

SBAOI understands this is the time when the dissemination of knowledge and coordination of research outcomes are most required than ever. Therefore, we dedicate this issue of Trends in Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (TIBAO) for COVID-19 related research, particularly in the area of biomaterials, medical devices and tissue engineering. Manuscripts were peer-reviewed, copyedited, and produced on a war footing to get the manuscripts published on priority.

The invitation is open for reviews and articles which reports the developments in biomaterials, medical devices, tissue engineering and biomedicine specific to the management and control of COVID-19. This will be published in continuation of this issue after rapid peer-review process. 

Published: May 31, 2020

Medical Technology during COVID 19 in India: A Commentary

3-5 Balram Sankaran

Tissue Engineering Strategies in Covid-19 Research

6-7 Pandurangan Harikrishnan*, Avinesh Krishnan

Biomimetic Conjoining Pathways for COVID-19 Drug Discovery, Nanomedicine and Medical Devices: Prophylactic Medicines as Alternative for Vaccines

8-11 Kaladhar Kamalasanan

An Overview of Precautions for Researchers in Covid-19 Pandemic

12-13 Harikrishnan Pandurangan

Diagnostic Screening Aid for Asymptomatic Covid 19 Dental Patients

14-16 Sivaranjani Gali

Role of Nanoparticles in Prevention of COVID-19

17-21 Chhaya Kumar, Elizabeth Abbu Varghese, C. Pushpalatha*, Sibikar Prabakar, M. Maladevi

Newer Diagnostic Tools to curb the COVID-19 Pandemic

22-27 C. Pushpalatha*, Elizabeth Abbu Varghese, Chhaya Kumar, K.V. Bharkhavy, Anitha R. Sagarkar