Published: Oct 1, 2019

In vitro Evaluation of the Enamel Remineralization Potential of a Dentifrice Containing Nano Calcium Strontium Apatite

56-63 Alex G. Varghese, R.K. Adarsh, K.V. Nishad, Manoj Komath

Preparation and Characterization of Nanosilica Based Superhydrophobic Antimicrobial Coatings and Evaluation of Bacterial Adhesion on Coated Surface

64-68 Abhilsha Mishra*; Himayande Loganathan; Neha Bhatt

Fibroblasts Therapy for Early Healing of Full Thickness Skin Defects in Mice: A New Approach

69-76 Sanjay Purohit, Naveen Kumar, A.K. Sharma, S.K. Maiti, Sameer Shrivastava, Sonal Saxena, Rajendra Singh

Intrinsic Orientation of Hydroxyapatite Grains onto the Surface of Dense Pellets Produced by Uniaxial Pressing

77-81 Euler Araujo Dos Santos, Rafael Rabelo Carvalho, Leila Melo Silva

In vitro Biocompatibility Determination of Cross-linked Acellular Dermal Matrix

82-92 Sanjay Purohit, Naveen Kumar, S.K. Maiti, Sonal Saxena, A.K. Sharma, Sameer Shrivastava