Published: Jun 10, 2016

Three Dimensional Growth of Fibroblasts on Carbon Fibre Mesh and Assessment of Biocompatibilty by in-vitro and in-vivo Examination

2-7 Naveen Kumar Sharma, V. Remya, Mamta Negi, Dayamon D. Mathew

Fabrication of Hair and Copper Fiber Reinforced Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) Composites and Evaluation of Their Mechanical Properties, Thermal Conductivity and Color Stability for Dental Applications

8-12 K. Jayaprakash, B. T. Nandish, M Rijesh, Jaganath Nayak, Sachin Bhat, Nityananda Shetty, Harishkumar Shetty, Sudeendra Prabhu

Medicinal Mushrooms (Genus: Lenzites) of Western Ghats: A Future Source for Chitin?

13-19 Ambarish C. Nair, Prajna S. Kondevooru

Investigation of Bio-Relaxation Mechanism in Human Blood

20-25 Mulayam Singh Gaur, Dayal Saran

Facile Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Mechanism of Chitosan Scaffolds

26-31 Sneha Gurudas Kumbhar, S. H. Pawar

Chitosan and Silver Sulfadiazine Immobilization onto Silicone Membrane for Wound Dressing Applications

32-40 Elham Babaie, Hamid Mirzadeh, Hamid Keshvari, Atefeh Solouk, Azadeh Hashemi Doulabi

Structural Characterization of Nanocrystalline Hydroxyapatite Produced from Waste Egg Shell

41-45 Sandip Bag, Karabi Ganguly, Biswajit Kumar Biswas

Tissue Engineered Oral Mucosa: Is it a Hype or Hope!

46-49 Jenani Sathishwaran, Sejal K. Munoyath, Kavitha Prasad

Cobalt Based Alloy: A Better Choice Biomaterial for Hip Implants

50-55 Amit Aherwar, Amit Kumar Singh, Amar Patnaik

Finite Element Modeling of Spine Diseases and Deformities: Recent Trends in Research and Review of Literature

56-60 P. Yuvaraj, Davidson Jebaseelan, C. Jebaraj

Blending Strategies of Natural Polymers: A Review

61-76 Madhuri Girdhar, Anand Mohan, Ajay Sharma

Influence of Phytochemicals on Initial Protein Adsorption/Adhesion over Calcium Silicate Biomaterials: A Pilot Study

77-79 Narasimha Raghavan, Ganesan Vignesh, Angelin Trinita, J Pragathi, Gopi Krishna Giri, Arijit Chakraborty, T.P. Sastry