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Coronavirus disease 2019 is a communicable disease caused by severe acute metabolic process respiratory syndrome coronavirus. Symptoms begin one to 14 days after exposure to the virus (81%) develop mild to moderate symptoms, while 14% develop severely and 5% suffer critical symptoms. The present study aimed to formulate psychological interventions to enhance mental state and psychological resilience throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. To correlate the level of Psychological impact of COVID 19 among antenatal mothers and to find out association between the Psychological impact of COVID 19 among antenatal mothers with their selected demographic variables. This study was conducted with 60 antenatal mothers in a quantitative approach, non-experimental descriptive design by purposive sampling technique. Demographic variables data were collected by using a multiple-choice questionnaire followed by assessing the psychological impact of COVID 19 among antenatal mothers were assessed using completely three different standardized tools. The results showed that 42(70%) had a high level of anxiety of COVID-19 among antenatal mothers, and 18(30%) had no anxiety. 46(76.6%) had had moderate stress, 10(16.7%) had high perceived stress, and 4(6.7%) had low stress. 35(58.3%) had probable depression, 14(23.3%) had a fairly high possibility of depression, 10(16.7%) had depression possible, and only 1(1.7%) had depression not likely among antenatal mothers. Psychological impact of COVID-19 has moderate to severe levels of stress, anxiety, and depression among antenatal mothers in the second and third trimesters. So it is vital to formulate Psychological interventions to enhance mental state, and maternal mental health should be prioritized during the pandemic.


antenatal mothers COVID-19 pandemic psychological impact stress anxiety depression

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