Nanoparticle Coating Obtained from Agaricus Bisporus On Elastic Ligatures: An in vitro Study

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Meghana Pasala
Sujatha Sanneboina
Aparna Kadiveti
Gowri Sankar Singaraju
Vivek Reddy Ganugapanta
Prasad Mandava


The presence of fixed orthodontic appliances favours plaque accumulation and a compromise in oral hygiene. There are various practice methods to minimize the white spot lesions (WSL) incidence, but they depend on the patient’s compliance. It is prudent to introduce materials and methods which rely less on the patient. The purpose of our study is to introduce a new silver nanoparticle (AgNPs) coating onto elastomeric ligatures and to assess its antimicrobial properties and durability of the silver nanoparticles coating on the elastomeric ring. Out of a total sample of 69 clear elastomeric ligatures, 44 of them are equally allocated (n=22) to each of the two groups, Group A-test group (AgNPs coated) and Group B control (Non coated) for antimicrobial testing and the rest for durability testing. The test group elastomeric modules coated with AgNPs were prepared from Agaricus bisporus extract and silver nitrate solution and tested for antimicrobial testing against Streptococcus mutans. The remaining test sample was utilised for determination of silver ion release(mg/L) when coated elastomeric rings are placed in artificial saliva and analyzed after T1 - 24 hours, T2 – 48 hours, T3 - 2 weeks, T4 – 4 weeks using atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS). The results showed a mean inhibition zone of 2.57 + 0.17 mm for
antimicrobial activity for the test group which is clinically significant compared to the control group which showed no inhibition zone. Friedman test was used to compare the silver release at 4 different periods T1, T2, T3, and T4 and Wilcoxon rank test for pairwise comparison. The amount of silver ion accumulation in artificial saliva increased continuously as time elapsed and silver ion release is statistically significant between the measured time points (p = 0.001). The AgNPs coated elastomeric modules has definite antimicrobial activity compared non coated elastomeric modules. The durability of the coating was shorter.

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