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A precise dental impression plays a crucial role in achieving a definitive prosthesis. The success of conventional impression procedures demands various factors including apt tray and materials, flawless manipulation procedures and patient cooperation. A digital impression procedure is an advanced technique to get rid of the troubles associated with traditional impression procedures. However, the practicability and accuracy of digital technology can be perceived by comparing all aspects of both conventional and digital impression procedures. This review is aimed to compare various facets of conventional and digital dental impression procedures. A comprehensive literature search has been conducted from published articles using internet search databases such as Pubmed, EBSCO, Web of Science, Google Scholar and Directory of Open Access and with keywords such as conventional impression technique, digital impression and dental impression. From the archived articles, 25 most relevant articles were selected for comparative study. The results support the use of digital technology for accurate impressions. However, the need for expensive equipment with trained personnel in operating the new software systems for digital techniques diminishes its popularity among dental professionals. Thus more advancement is expected in secure handling and maintenance techniques to shift from conventional to digital impression procedures. 


dental impression conventional impression techniques digital dental impression

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