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Spinal surgery has evolved through decades. At present it is performed like any other surgery with safety and durability. Spinal instrumentation evolved mostly in the last century. There were natural teething problems in its evolution to the current state. Still, we are in search for the ideal implant materials and ideal implants. The quest for implants without imaging artefacts, biodegradable implants with most biocompatibility, ideal implant for disc replacement, less prominent implants etc need further research to fine tune them from the present status. In this review of literature and from the difficulties encountered in routine day to day clinical practice of the author, the current status of the spinal implants, its problems and the future perspectives are looked upon. This review describes the current state of affairs of the biomaterials and implants in spine surgery and gives a binocular view into the future state of affairs. Literature search from the pub med, current text books and author’s personal experiences have been included. The current status of the implants and the materials used are widely covered. Areas for future research are pointed out. Spine surgery enjoys the reputation as a safe surgery similar to other surgical disciplines, still it can be fine-tuned by focussed research on selected areas. 


biomaterials biodegradable implants bone graft spinal fusion

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