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To compare and evaluate the dimensional accuracy and load-deflection of orthodontic superelastic archwires from four popular manufacturers. Four brands of archwires were subjected to testing. Preformed maxillary archwires with dimensions of 0.016” x 0.022” were evaluated.  Dimensional accuracy was evaluated using a digital micrometre while load-deflection attributes were evaluated using a Universal Testing Machine. Statistical analysis was performed using one-way ANOVA followed by pair wise comparison using post hoc test. There was a significant difference in dimensions and load-deflection attributes of all four brands of archwires. Currently, several brands of superelastic archwires are available in the market sourced from both foreign as well as indigenous commercial houses. The quality of archwires takes predominance for every orthodontist in the choice of usage and buying of wires. This study will give a good comparison of various physical properties of different brands of superelastic archwires to help orthodontists select the best possible bracket wire combination.


Orthodontic archwires load deflection dimension

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Pious, N., Ravindranath, V., Mhatre, A., Ingole, S. D., & Ingole, P. (2021). Comparative Evaluation of Dimensional Accuracy and Load Deflection Attributes of Orthodontic Superelastic Archwires From Four Popular Manufacturers. Trends in Biomaterials & Artificial Organs, 35(4), 387-391. Retrieved from