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The entire world is now agog with the novel coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) chaos, as it has caused unexpected devastation in almost every country. As the resurgence of the COVID-19 is most certainly in the coming two years (most probably during the winter season), extremely stringent methods have to be practised to lower its spreading. The appropriate measures to be followed by wearing a mask (both infected as well as healthy population), adopting social distancing methods, regular medical checkups, and lowering of the grim emissions of toxins from heavy industries around the world, and other effective methods. This study has presented databases of COVID-19 (as of 25 May 2020), which revealed that most of the western countries are showing decreasing trends after being attained the maximum peak of the ‘Gaussian shape’. In contrast, Asian countries (India, Indonesia, and Pakistan) show, alarmingly, increasing trends that imply great care has to be taken to fight against COVID-19. It is well known that nanomaterials have unique physical and chemical properties (ultra-small size, large surface-area-to-mass ratio, and high reactivity) that are different from bulk materials of the same composition. Therefore, this paper discusses the role of nanomaterials in identifying and offering protection against the virus. Also, it gives an insight into their use in the treatment to treat COVID infected patients. Furthermore, this paper also elaborated the challenges being faced while dealing with coronaviruses with a few feasible solutions to eradicate this untoward danger of the pandemic. A meaningful schematic on ‘flattening of the curve’ is included in this paper by considering several factors into account that may help to lessen or eradicate the present pandemic.


COVID-19 pandemic; resurgence; nanomaterials; social distancing; flattening of the curve

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Brahmanandam*, P., Chakravarthy, K., Raju, G. R., Rao, N. S., Satyavani, M., Kumar, V. N., Alla, R. K., Kadiyala, K. G., Vinay, P., Rao, C. S., Narsaiah, E. L., & Satish, L. (2020). Feasible Solutions, and Role of Nanomaterials in Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Preliminary Study. Trends in Biomaterials & Artificial Organs, 34(S2), 44-51. Retrieved from

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