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This study examines a possible alternative to bovine serum for testing hip implant materials using bio-lubricants. The tribological behaviour of ceramic balls and polymeric pin sliding against a Ti6Al4V disc is investigated using the pin on disc (POD) tribometer. The ceramic and polymeric materials such as silicon nitride, Zirconia, PEEK (poly ether ether ketone) and UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) are considered for the present study. The friction and wear coefficients are examined for different bio-lubricants. Five bio-lubricants considered for the tribological study of biomaterials include Ringer's solution, phosphate buffer saline (PBS), distilled water, NaCl 0.9% saline solution and sesame oil. The result showed that PEEK had a lower CoF value of 0.01 for sesame oil bio-lubricant and for UHMWPE and Si3N4 least wear coefficient values obtained under sesame oil lubrication medium. Overall, polyethylene bearing showed better tribological behaviour over ceramic biomaterials under different bio-lubricants.


Biomaterials, tribometer, bio-lubricant, friction coefficient, wear coefficient

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Shankar, S., Nithya Prakash*, R., Santhosh, B., Karthik Kumar, . T., Kiruba, P., & Mohan Srinivas, K. (2021). Tribological Behavior of Polyethylene and Ceramic Biomaterials Under Different Bio-lubricants . Trends in Biomaterials & Artificial Organs, 35(1), 44-47. Retrieved from

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