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In the present study, three dimensional growth of fibroblasts on carbon fibre mesh and assessment of biocompatibilty by in-vitro and in-vivo examination was done. Carbon fiber mesh was cut in desired size and after sterilization, placed in six well cell culture plates. The mesh was co-cultured with p-MEF cells. At different time intervals the viability and proliferation of the p-MEF cells was evaluated. Results of in-vitro observations of the morphology p-MEF cells seeded on the surface of carbon fibre mesh shows adhesions and attachment fibroblasts cells to carbon fibres on day 3 post seeding. They attached firmly and were uniformly spread along the fibres on day 5 post seeding and mostly spindle-shaped and cover almost all their surface on day 7 post seeding and such a spreading of cells indicates good adhesions and biocompatibility of carbon fibres. In-vivo examination of retrieved sample on day 30 post implantation shows that carbon fibre mesh was covered by dense thick fibrous connective tissue. Complications like infection or pus formation was not seen in the vicinity of any implanted biomaterials.


Keywords: carbon fibres, carbon fibre mesh, primary mouse embryo fibroblasts (p-MEF), in-vitro examination, in-vivo examination

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Naveen Kumar Sharma, Principal Scientist

Principal Scientist

Division of Surgery

Indian Veterinary Research Institute


Bareilly (U.P.)

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Sharma, N. K., Remya, V., Negi, M., & Mathew, D. D. (2016). Three Dimensional Growth of Fibroblasts on Carbon Fibre Mesh and Assessment of Biocompatibilty by in-vitro and in-vivo Examination. Trends in Biomaterials & Artificial Organs, 30(1), 2-7. Retrieved from

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