Video Analysis of Paw to Determine the Sciatic Static Index for Guinea Pig

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Malik Abu Rafee Amarpal . Prakash Kinjavdekar G Taru Sharma Sangeetha Palakkara Rashmi .


Static footprint video analysis following injury to the rat sciatic nerve is widely used noninvasive method of measuring functional loss/recovery after injury in rat and mice models. In this study, 20 adult guinea pigs (cavia porcellus) were used to develop a formula to the sciatic static index in guinea pig (SSIgp). The animals were divided on two groups (control and crush). They were reared under the similar conditions and the videos of the plantar aspects of the injured and uninjured hind paws were made on 7th day. The parameters evaluated were the 1–3 toe spread (TS), and the distance between the tip of the third toe and the most posterior aspect of the paw (PL) in both normal and crush group. Multiple regression analysis was performed using SSIm values as dependent variable in crush group. In normal group functionality loss was considered as 0 (zero). TS and PL were measured from photos (obtained from videos) and their factors (injured-uninjured/uninjured) were used independent variables, and the formula of the SSI for guinea pigs (SSIgp) was found. High and significant correlation coefficients; Model 1 and SSIm (r=0.98, p=0.000), Model 2 and SSIm (r=0.97, p=0.000) and Model 1 and model 2 ((r=0.903, p=0.000). and this demonstrates that either of two SSIgp models can be used to assess the functional status relative of sciatic nerve activity in guinea pigs.

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