Covalently Conjugation of Genistein with Biodegradable Poly L-Lactide

Prakash Sojitra, Ankur Raval, Devesh Kothwala, Haresh Kotadia, Subodhchandra Adeshara


A novel drug (Genistein) conjugated biodegradable polymer (PLLA) was synthesized by the direct coupling of Genistein with Poly L-Lactide (GEN-PLLA) and was characterized by FTIR, HPLC and GPC study. These results indicate that the unique property of bound Genistein has an inhibiting influence on the coagulation, plasma protein adsorption, and subsequent platelet adhesion systems. This novel GEN-PLLA conjugate could be applied as blood/tissue compatible biodegradable materials for implantable medical devices and tissue engineering, especially to medical devices like coronary stents. © Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (India), 20090220-38.

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