Biocompatible Denture Polymers – A Review

Rahul Bhola, Shaily M Bhola, Hongjun Liang, Brajendra Mishra


The use of polymers has revolutionized the biomedical industry ever since their discovery. Many prostheses and implants made from polymers have been in use for the last three decades and there is a continuous search for more biocompatible and stronger polymer prosthetic materials. In this review, an attempt has been made to combine the material properties of the polymers used in denture dentistry, with emphasis on the most widely used poly methyl methacrylate resin (PMMA).This paper may be useful for material selection of polymers used for denture applications and may provide insight into the upcoming novel materials in denture dentistry. © Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (India), 20090410-40.

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