Electropolishing of 316LVM Stainless Steel Cardiovascular Stents: An Investigation of Material Removal, Surface Roughness and Corrosion Behavior

Prakash Sojitra, Chhaya Engineer, Devesh Kothwala, Ankur Raval, Haresh Kotadia, Girish Mehta


Smooth surface of a cardiovascular stent is an important factor in determining biocompatibility. Electropolishing is an effective method for improving surface smoothness of the stents. In this study, electropolishing has been employed on laser cut SS316L cardiovascular stents to increase surface smoothness. Acid pickling has been used as a pre-treatment for electropolishing followed by passivation to enhance its corrosion resistance in biological environment. Stent has been characterized by strut dimension analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy for its surface smoothness, gravimetric analysis and potentiodynamic corrosion analysis. It was found that surface roughness after electropolishing has been reduced to significant level and also long-term corrosion behavior of stent material in simulated biological fluid (PBS) is very stable. Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (India), 20090108-34.

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